Baby Connect news

Hi everybody,

We have lots of news in Baby Connect-land!

New Website Features:

We’ve updated this weekend the baby-connect website with several new features:

* Upload photos from the ‘Post new entry’ panel.
* Set a child picture in the child settings page.
* Set birthday, blood type and allergies for a child.
* Send Email with all activities from the day.
* Send a Quick Message from the ‘Post new entry’ panel.
* Delete a status entry. When mousing over an entry, a small trash icon will appear allowing you to delete the entry.
* Performance, usability improvements, and others bug fixes.

Those features were already available on the iPhone application.

Upcoming new iPhone features:

The next version 1.3 of the iPhone application has been submitted last week and is waiting for approval from Apple. Hopefully, it will be available for download soon. This version includes:

* Unit Preferences for temperature (F and C) and bottle size (Oz or ml).
* New predefined activities for movie, TV, Music, Story, and Bath.
* Usability improvements, including a new “recent entries” panel, remembering last selection, smoother animations, and a new child selector icon on the top-right corner.
* Performance improvement. We think you’ll notice the difference, especially when posting a new entry.
* As always, bug fixes were also included.

Push Notification tip:

Push Notifications has been available on the Baby Connect iPhone application for a while now. We would like to remind you that at least 2 different accounts must be defined for the notifications to work. Notifications will only be sent to you when someone else post an entry, you will not receive your own notification for an entry you’ve posted.


Baby Connect was recently reviewed by the iPhone Mom, and we’re very proud to be part of the ‘Apps I Love’ category. We would like to thank the iPhone Mom for taking the time to look at our application. The full review is here.

We love to hear from you, please continue to send us feedback at

Baby Connect news