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Hi everybody,

It’s now time for a quick update, as we have again lots of news to announce.

Baby Connect for iPhone, new features:

The new version 1.4 of Baby Connect iPhone application has just been approved, and is now available for download. This is a major release with several new big features:

  • Labels for Bottle, Food, Mood, Activities and Milestones can be customized: default entry labels can be added, modified and removed.
  • New category to track Nursing:
  • Left or Right side can be specified,
  • A timer can be used to record the nursing duration,
  • A sound alarm can be specified to stop nursing after a specific time,
  • the side of the last nursing is indicated as a reminder,
  • Bottle, Nursing and Solid entries are now all under the Feed category.
  • A new category to record Milestones is also available.
  • Settings for Time Format (am/pm or 24) can be specified.

We’re listening to you: this is the direct result of your feedback, they were the most requested features. Please try it and let us know what you think.

BabySitter Connect: our new iPhone application.

BabySitter Connect is our new iPhone application and is now available on the AppStore. BabySitter Connect is a “light” version of Baby Connect with a lower price and less features: no gps, less predefined categories, no history and no customization. A specific feature of BabySitter Connect is the presence of a timer to calculate the duration and the cost of the babysitting.
BabySitter Connect works with and the same account can be used for Baby Connect, BabySitter Connect and

New Website Features:

The biggest change at is the complete redesign of our home page. We’ve also fixed some bugs, added predefined activities and new settings for bottle size unit and time format.

We love to hear from you, please continue to send us feedback at

Baby Connect news