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Hi everybody,

Here are the latest news about Baby Connect.

New Website features:
We’ve published several new features on last night:

  • A summary display of the child activities for the day. The following information is now indicated:
    • Sleep: number of sleep/naps and total duration, last time the child woke up or was put down to sleep.
    • Diapers: number of bm and wet diapers, time of the last diaper change.
    • Bottle: number of bottle and total volume, time of the last bottle.
    • Nursing: duration on each side, time of the last nursing session.
  • Bottle entries: you can now enter amount by increments of 0.5oz/12 ml.
  • Bottle entries: The ‘Whole bottle’ entry is now only available if the bottle size is specified in the child settings page.
  • Sleep entries: we’ve made several changes in the new sleep entry dialog. It is now easier to post new entries, and the sleep duration is indicated.

Baby Connect for iPhone:
We’re currently actively testing the new release of Baby Connect for iPhone. Our goal is to make it available for download next week. We spent a lot of time on this release and we’re very excited about the new features in it:

  • A summary of sleep, diaper, bottle and nursing activities for each day, including a comparison with the previous day, and with the previous week.
  • Several graphs will be available to analyze sleep, diaper, bottle and nursing activities for up to one year. With this tool, trends will be much easier to detect.
  • Improved pages to post sleep and bottle entries.

Baby Connect Scheduled maintenance:
The company holding our servers will perform a scheduled maintenance tomorrow, Wednesday, February 17th, at 5:00 PM Pacific Time for up to one hour (that’s 8PM in New York, 1AM Saturday in London, noon Saturday in Sydney). During this period, it will still be possible to view existing entries, but it will not be possible to post new entries or change your settings.
While you won’t be able to enter new entries during this period, you can still enter them later on (once the maintenance will be over) and change the time of the entry by tapping on the ‘Today at 00:00’ button on the iPhone, or clicking on the ‘Change’ link for the web application.

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Latest News