New version 1.6.1 of Baby Connect for iPhone

Yet another update with plenty of new features:

New Medical Category

This new category allows to track medicine, vaccine and others health-related events. Those categories are customizable, like all our other categories, and so you can add your own health event, medicine or vaccine.

Email summary

You can now send a formatted email containing all entries for the last 7 days, or for the last 30 days. This is in addition to the formatted email for the current day which is still available.

Export .csv file

It is now possible to export all data into a .csv file. You can open for instance this file in Excel to do your own custom charts and analysis. Export is disabled by default, and so you first need to enable it in the settings / preferences panel. Once enabled, a data.csv file will be attached to the formatted email whenever you’ll send this email, and will contains all data for the current day, week or month depending on the chosen option.

Use timer start time

By default, the recorded time of an entry is the end time of the activity (so usually when the entry is posted). It is now possible to use the starting time of the activity instead. For instance if a nursing session started at 10:10am and lasted 15mn, Baby Connect can record 10:10am (start time) instead of 10:25am (end time). This can be configured in the Settings / Preferences panel. This new option works for all entries with timer like feeding, nursing, sleeping, mood, activity, milestone.

Save photos to camera roll

This is another new option which needs to be enabled in the settings / preferences panel.

Sleep timers improvements

Baby Connect will now detect timer inconsistencies, and offers to adjust or clear a sleeping timer. This could happen for instance if you start a sleeping timer on your own iPhone when putting baby to bed at 10:00pm. Baby wakes up in the middle of the night at 2:30am. Your spouse wakes up for a feeding session, puts baby back to bed at 3:00am, and records new feeding, stop/start  sleeping entries on a different iPhone. When you’ll wake up baby after a good night sleep, the timer on your own iPhone will adjust to the 3:00am starting time and will record the correct exact duration, even if a different iPhone was used for the intermediate entries.

Changing a timer start time:

If you want to say that the baby really started sleeping, say, 10 minutes ago, you can now change the entry start time, and the timer will start at 10mn. This is valid for all timers, including nursing, activity, feeding, …

Each one of those features were asked by you. We listened. Enjoy them and send us more feedback.

New version 1.6.1 of Baby Connect for iPhone