Baby Connect for iPhone – New version 1.6.2

We’ve been very busy adding new features to our iPhone application lately. The latest version 1.6.2 is now available for download and your most requested features are included in this release:

Offline entries:

You don’t need to be connected to the network to enter new activities anymore. When no connectivity is available, the entries will be saved on the iPhone, and will be synchronized with the Baby Connect server as soon as the network becomes available.

You can now record entries at any time, even if you’re using an iPod Touch and you’re out-of Wifi range, or if you’re using an iPhone in a dead spot. The synchronization will be automatically done at regular interval, you’ll be able to check the status of the last synchronization by tapping on the synchronize label on the toolbar.

Baby Tracker - Synchronize screenshot

Growth Tracking:

You can now track weight, height and head size under the Medical category. If you have specified your child birth date, we will display the percentile (using the US CDC data) to compare with other kids the same age and gender. The data can be displayed in a typical growth chart with the percentile comparison. A trend of the percentile value is also available.

Others new features:

  • New charts with bottle count, average bottle size, the number of nursing and average nursing duration are now available in our chart section.
  • Every authorized user can now edit or delete entries (only the creator was able to do it in previous releases).
  • Start sleep entries are now included in the .csv export file
  • Several bug fixes were also included in this release.
Let us know what you think about those new features. And as always, even more great updates are coming soon.
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Baby Connect for iPhone – New version 1.6.2