New features on our Web Application

We’ve just published several improvements to Here is a quick summary:

New page Layout:


The first change is the new page layout. If you have several children, it is now much easier to select a child with the new tab selector which replaces the old drop down.

Custom Bottle Size:

Screenshot - Custom Bottle SizeWhen adding a new bottle entry, you can now choose any bottle size instead of being limited to the predefined choices.

Notes and message time:

You can now attach notes to any entry, and specify a date and time to a Message.

End time and duration:

Screenshot - Entry durationYou can now set the start time, end time and duration of an entry. Clicking on the ‘Add duration’ link at the top right of the popup will allow you to enter the end time or the duration of an entry. Changing either the start or end time will automatically adjust the duration. Changing the duration will automatically adjust the end time.


The start, end and duration of an entry are now displayed in the list.

This is valid for the Food, Bottle, Nursing, Sleep, Mood, Activity and Milestone categories.

Easier sleep session entry:

It’s now much easier to record a sleep session after it happened, by simply specifying an end time or a duration to the sleep popup. There is no need to start then stop a sleep session anymore.

These were some of your most requested features. The new iPhone (v1.8) and iPad (v1.3) applications released today also have plenty of new features and will work perfectly with the web application.

New features on our Web Application

10 thoughts on “New features on our Web Application

  1. Mac Mirabile says:

    I like the upgrades but the iPad app now runs VERY SLOWLY. It now takes 5 seconds to even startup, instead of starting up instantly. I love the new daily graphs at the bottom of the app, but the App runs way too slow now.

    1. It will progressively get better each day, and should be back to normal speed in 4 or 5 days.
      If it’s too long, you can also delete the application and redownload it from the AppStore. You won’t be charged again as long as you’re using the same iTunes account, and all entries will be redownloaded from our servers to your iPad. But preferences changes and label customization will have to be re-entered.

  2. Hello Baby Connect team,

    my daughter Luna Sofia is now 5 month old and of course, she started with eating food in little glasses. I know how to handle to entries with the bottles. But how can I type in an entry like this? The Glasses have sometimes 100 grams and sometimes more. Where and how can I place thouse entries?

    Thank you very much for your answer. With kind regards,

    Dilek Mancini

  3. Elizabeth says:

    We are having difficulties with the new webpage. Things are not being displayed in chronological order. Did I miss something? Were we supposed to update or click button. This started happening the day after the upgrade.

  4. Elizabeth says:

    I stand corrected, chronology is working now but when the nanny documents sleep start and end something is messing up. Check sleep cycles for today after 7:00am.

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