New version – Baby Connect for iPhone (v1.8) and for iPad (v1.3)

Here are some of the new features in this version:

Timeline viewScreenshot Timeline

The new timeline view display a graph of entries by hour for the last days. You can tap on the legend to show or hide entries of each category.

On iPhone, tap on the timeline icon Screen shot in the toolbar to access the timeline view.

On iPad, tapping inside the timeline will expand the view in full screen.


Add notes screenshotNotes can now be attached to any entry by tapping on the gray + button.

Improved Timers

Start time, end time and duration of a timer can now manually be set. The duration is automatically calculated if the start or end time is changing. The end time is also automatically adjusted if the duration is manually modified.
Timer screenshot

The Paused duration is now also correctly accounted for, and will be shown on the timer page.

The start and end time of an activity are now displayed in the list.

iOS4 and iPhone 4 support

Baby Connect now support fast app switching on iOS4, and will show sharp ‘retina display’ icons on the new iPhone 4.

Graphs and statistics for pumping

The graph shows the total volume, count, average duration, average volume and average interval between each pumping.

Synch Frequency

You can choose the synchronization frequency with a new preferences options.
Screen shot Synch
– With ‘automatic’ frequency, the synchronization will happen on startup, after adding an entry and every 5 minutes.
– With ‘low’ frequency, the synchronization will happen on startup and every 10mn.

Easy customization

Screen shotA new button at the bottom-right of most pages will allow you to easily add new labels in the picker view.

And more…

– a new graph for sleep, eat, nursing and diaper average intervals is available,
– you can set and modify the date and time of a message entry,
– weight, height and head size now have double-digits precision,
– performance improvements, up to 10x faster at the end of the month on 1st gen phones,
– you can set a child birth date in the future,
– the maximum duration for feed timers has been extended to 2h,
– numerous bug were also fixed in this version

Let us know what you think! and stay tuned for more improvements to Baby Connect.

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New version – Baby Connect for iPhone (v1.8) and for iPad (v1.3)

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  1. Swindy says:

    Yay! I look forward to the update. Thank you for making such a great program – and thanks for the continued improvements. We’ve told lots of parents about your program.

    Keep it up!

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