Baby Connect for iPhone (1.9) and for iPad (1.4)

We’ve released today a new version of our applications with plenty of new features and bug fixes. Here are some highlights:

New Nursing Timer:

We received a lot of request to modify our nursing timer. We listened to you and we made several changes to it. It is now possible to record the nursing duration on each side with only one entry.

You can now start the timer for one side, then pause it and start a new timer for the other side. Both timers are accessible from the same page and its easy to switch from one side to the other side.

If you’re using the quick entry wheel picker instead of the timer, you can also specify the duration for each side as well as the last nursed side.

Nursing Timer Screenshot Nursing Picker Screenshot

Disable the auto-lock on timer pages:

You know how the phone is going in auto-lock mode when it has been idle for too long. This is very useful to save batteries while you’re not using the phone. But sometimes it’s an annoyance, for instance when you’re nursing and you want to monitor the nursing duration. In this case, you’re usually too busy to keep tapping on the phone to make sure it doesn’t go in idle mode, or to unlock the phone.

Auto-lock Screenshot

So we’ve added a new preference settings which will disable the auto-lock mode when a timer page is open. When Disabled, the phone will not lock  as long as a timer page is open. If you leave the timer page, the phone will then lock as usual if idle for some time.

Baby Connect screenshot

Custom colors:

For those who are tired of our default pink and blue color, you can now change thebackground color of the application. If you have several kids, you can even set a different color for each child.

To change color, go at the bottom of the child setting page.

Baby Connect Screenshot

Performance improvements:

You will probably not notice this on recent phones, mostly on 1st generation iPhones. Performance has been greatly improved when saving new entries and when synchronizing with Baby Connect.

This release also includes several bug fixes. Check out the release notes for more informations about it.

We’re continuing to work on Baby Connect to bring you new features and fixes.

Baby Connect for iPhone (1.9) and for iPad (1.4)

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  1. To disconnect the Twitter feed, tap on the child picture at the top of the page then on the Twitter button under the ‘Twitter Account’ section at the bottom of the child settings page.

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