Baby Connect Beta Testing User Group

We want to provide the best quality product as possible, and we need your help to improve Baby Connect.

We’re setting up today a new Beta Testing User Group. The goal of this group is to provide feedback on new versions before we release those versions to everybody.

How will it work

  • A few days before submitting a new version to the AppStore, we will send it to you via email.
  • You can install the application on your iPhone, iPod or iPad by dragging the Application Files on iTunes on your computer, then synchronizing your device with your computer.
  • While using the new version, you can send us feedback about the new features and bugs you found.
  • This program only works for the iPhone and iPad applications. It is not for the Web Application.

What’s in it for you

  • We’ll send the version 1 or 2 weeks before submitting to the AppStore. Then it usually takes about one additional week of processing time before it is available for Download. So as a Beta user, you’ll have the bug fixes and the new features 2 weeks before everybody else.
  • If you found a bug in the beta version, we can fix it and send you an update the next day. Bugs in the official version will take more time to be fixed (see above, we need at least 1 week to release a new version). If you’re not happy about the beta, you can also always go back to the previous official release from the AppStore.
  • You will help improving the product quality. It is more efficient for us to solve design issues and bugs before the product is released, it means we can spend more time improving the product rather than handling support requests.

How can you sign-up

  • Send us a Support Request email from the Application. We need to know what type of device you’re using (iPhone or iPad) and their Device IDs. The device ID is included at the bottom of the support email. The beta versions will only work on those devices.
  • If you have a new phone after signing up, you need to send us the new device ID of your new phone so we can activate the application for it.
  • Space is limited, we can only accommodate 40 beta users for the iPhone Application, and 40 for the iPad app.
  • Send us an email if you stop using the product, or don’t want to be a member anymore so we can give your seat to somebody else.
Baby Connect Beta Testing User Group