New version – Baby Connect for iPhone (v1.9.2) and for iPad (v1.4.2)

Our latest release is now available as a free update on the App Store. This version includes several of your most-requested features, here are some highlights:

  • Several fixes and improvements on the Nursing timer,
  • Bigger toolbar buttons (iPhone),
  • Send email for previous months (iPad),
  • Detailled summary and comparison with the previous days and previous week (iPad),
  • The timeline view is much much faster.


Read below for the complete log of what has changed in the new release:

  • NEW: The toolbar buttons are now bigger and easier to tap on (iPhone only)Screenshot - Bigger buttons and summary
  • NEW: A new Home button in the toolbar allows to quickly go to the Home page (iPhone only),
  • NEW: The child age in weeks is now shown in the child settings page and in the Medical or Milestone lists, until 52 weeks.
  • NEW: It is now possible to save Left or Right Nursing entries without specifying any duration.
  • NEW: Percentile is now shown on the right of each row under the Medical weigh/height/head size lists.

    Screenshot: Percentile and age in weeks

  • NEW: A new preference settings is available to calculate the intervals from the start of an entry to the start of next entry, or from end to start.
  • NEW: Claylike diaper consistency
  • NEW: A small Pumping summary panel is now accessible at the bottom of the main screen (by swiping from the general summary panel) (iPhone only).
  • NEW: The summary panel text is larger and easier to read (iPhone only)Screenshot: iPad 7 day average summary
  • NEW: the detailed summary with yesterday and 7 day average is now displayed when tapping on the summary area (iPad only, it was already available on the iPhone)
  • NEW: you can now send an email for previous months and days, by changing the day or month before tapping on the email button (iPad only, already available on the iPhone).
  • Fix: The Timeline View performance has been greatly improved when opening or showing/hiding categories
  • Fix: Several issues were fixed in the Nursing pages when changing the start time, end time or duration. In some cases, the App will now ask on which side to apply the duration change.
  • Fix: The display of the Nursing timer is not cut anymore when the duration exceed 1h.
  • Fix: The duration since drop off in the note field of a pick up event is now recalculated when changing the pick up time.
  • Fix: The timeline view was offset by 1 hour in some timezones.



We’re continuing to work on Baby Connect to bring you new features and fixes.

As always, let us know if you have any issue or any feedback with the application.

New version – Baby Connect for iPhone (v1.9.2) and for iPad (v1.4.2)