New Version: Baby Connect for iPhone (1.9.4) and for iPad (1.4.4)

New versions of our iPhone and iPad applications are available today as a free update on the AppStore. See below what’s new in those new version:

Growth charts for preemies:

For premature babies, you can now specify a due date different from the birth date. The percentiles calculations for the growth charts will then be based either on the birth date, or on the due date depending on your selection in the application preferences.

Screenshot Preemie Due Date Screenshot Preemie preferences

Graph Scrolling:

You can now scroll vertically the timeline view and go back in time to view the whole history up to the very first entry. All of the summary charts can also be scrolled horizontally, whether the selected period is weeks, month or year.

To scroll the graphs, just swipe your finger across the screen from left to right on the graphs, or bottom to top on the timeline view.

Browse Photos:

You can now browse all your photos in a slideshow. Just swipe your finger on the screen or tap on the left/right arrows to see the previous or next photo.

Option to Browse Photos Browse Photos


In addition, you can now save the photo in your iPhone or iPad local Album, and you can change the title of the photo.

Save photo and Change Title


And More:

New preferences settings allows to change the entry list sort order in the summary email (first to last/last to first).

New Stool consistency: Mucousy.

Fix ‘jumpy’ wheel when changing the nursing duration with the wheel picker.

Fix entries not appearing correctly after synchronization for some regional settings.

Fix entries not saved for the correct date but for 01/01/2001 after synchronization on some devices.

Fix incorrect entry time when changing timezone while using the App.

Fix incorrect stats and graphs with non-Gregorian calendar (Buddhist, Imperial, ….).

Fix growth charts when no birth date or due date is specified.

Fix crash when changing the Account Settings with an iOS version prior to 3.2.

Fix bad positioning of the content of the timeline view on iOS 4.2 (iPad only)

Fix ability to move ahead the day or month of the list after midnight without leaving the App (iPad only)

New Version: Baby Connect for iPhone (1.9.4) and for iPad (1.4.4)

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