Baby Connect, New version 2.0

Here are the 3 major changes in the latest major release of our iPhone and iPad application (more bug fixes and minor features are also included, see the log change on the AppStore for more information).

New Application Icon.

For a while, we’ve been wanting to change our application icon because the old icon doesn’t encompass all that theapplication is capable of. We’ve also received user feedback also saying the bottle-only icon is too restrictive.

We asked several artists to design a new icon, selected a shortlist, and ask our Facebook and Twitter followers to vote for our next icon.

We received around 100 votes, the winning design is our next icon.

Reminder Alarms

Reminder Alarms was your most requested feature.

You can now enable alarms separately for each category (under settings \ Reminder Alarms), for instance you may choose to enable alarms for Medicines and Feedings, and not for sleep or diaper changes.

After saving an event, you’ll then be asked to set an alarm to remind you of the next event, either at a specific time (at 3:15pm), or using a countdown (in 3 hours).

When it’s time, a notification will be shown on your phone (similar to reminders for the calendar application), even if Baby Connect is not running.

Reminder Alarms are only available on devices with iOS 4.0 or later.

Publish to Facebook

You can now easily publish photos to your Facebook wall. On the iPhone application, you can also publish any event (Milestone, message, ..) to your wall.

Baby Connect, New version 2.0