Baby Connect for Android is Now Available

We are very please to announce today the release of our new Application Baby Connect for Android.

Like our iPhone application, you can record nursing, bottle feeding, solid food, pumping, diaper changes, sleep sessions, milestones, activities, mood,upload photos or indicate your location. The Medical section includes temperature, sickness, vaccines, medicines, height, weight and head size growth. Easy to use timers are available for most categories to help measuring events.

Some capabilities are only available on the Android Application and will come soon to the iPhone App. For instance, the home page can be customized and you can remove categories that you’re not using, or change the order of each button on the page. The duration since the last event is also clearly displayed for each category on the home page.

Any event saved on one device will automatically synchronize on the device of others caregivers, whether it is an iPod Touch, an iPhone, an iPad, an Android device or a computer with a browser. For instance a Diaper change event saved on Mom’s iPhone will be synchronized on Dad’s Droid.


Of course, several Graphs are available, as well as growth charts with comparison to US or WHO percentiles. All the Data can also be emailed in html or .csv format for any date range. Push notifications can also be set to be immediately informed of any activity.


Baby Connect for Android is available on the Android Market with a special introduction price of $2.99. Get it now before price increases!

Baby Connect for Android is Now Available

5 thoughts on “Baby Connect for Android is Now Available

  1. Nathan says:

    I’d really like a similar homescreen for the iphone version. There are too many icons that I never use, it would be far more valuable to see more recent entries than have access to the “photo” or “my location” buttons. The “More…” button would work well

  2. Brandy says:

    Does the Android version have reminders? I read where the iPhone version has the ability to set a reminder (time to feed, for example), and I’m wondering if this is available on Droid as well.

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