New Versions available

We’ve released today a new version of Baby Connect for iPhone, iPad, Android and Web. This new version is packed with features and bug fixes. Check it out:

Home Page CustomizationScreenshot Customization

You can now choose which button should appear on the home page and remove unwanted icons. You can also choose the number of rows to use (1, 2 or 3). The less row, the more space is available for the summary and recent entries list.

Screenshot Customization

Additional buttons are placed in a separate page accessible via the ‘More…’ button.

Screenshot Customization

If you have several children, you can choose to use the same customization for all kids or a different one for each kid. For instance, you can remove the ‘Nursing’ category for an older kid and replace it with the new ‘Potty’ category, but keep Nursing and Diaper for the new baby.

This feature, new to our iOS apps, was already available on the Android App.

Time since the last eventScreenshot Time

The time since the last event is clearly shown on each button. It is now much easier to find out when was the event in each categories.

Potty Training

screenshot pottyscreenshot pottyYou can now track potty events, record duration and specify optional content description. It is very similar to our diaper category.


We’ve improve a lot our email capability. You can now choose any time period and not just the current month, and apply a filter to only include a specific category.

screenshot solid food quantity

Dry Diaper, Diaper Quantity, Solid Food Quantity

Those were also some of your most requested features.

And more…

This is only an extract of the new capabilities of the latest version. Check out the Application description for the full list. We’ve also fixed a lot of bug in this latest release.

A new version 1.1 of our Android Application was also released today with support for Dry Diapers, Diaper Quantity, Solid Food Quantity and Potty Training. It is the first version of the Android App also available in French.

Finally, the Web Application has also been updated with the new Potty category and several new options in the Diaper Category.


New Versions available

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  1. Rebecca says:

    Updated baby connect app on 12/4/11 and now every time I click the feeding button or or try to look at graphs, the whole app crashes. Any one else having issues?

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