Our new application: Daily Connect

Daily Connect IconWe are pleased to announce the availability of our new application Daily Connect.

We’ve received several requests from child care centers who want to use Baby Connect not only for their baby rooms but for all children: babies, toddlers and preschoolers.

The application can already be used for older kids. It has support for potty training and solid food, and the ability to remove unused categories (like nursing or diapers) as the child grow. But the name of the App is a limiting factor for such deployments.

Download Daily Connect

Daily Connect is the same application as Baby Connect except for its name and icon. All Baby Connect features are available in Daily Connect. Both applications are sharing the same server and the same data store. Users can log to Daily Connect with their existing Baby Connect account, no need to create new accounts. An event saved with Daily Connect can be viewed on Baby Connect.

Try Daily Connect

  • If you are a child care center and are happy with Baby Connect, you don’t need to change.
  • If you are a child care center and want to start using Daily Connect in your toddler rooms, the parents don’t need to buy a new app: they will still see the updates with Baby Connect even if you are posting via Daily Connect.
Daily Connect is also available on the web at www.dailyconnect.com, on iPhone, iPad and Android, at the same price as Baby Connect. We will keep releasing all applications at the same time and we will continue to include the same features in both applications.

We welcome your questions and comments!

Our new application: Daily Connect

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