New features in the latest Android application

We’ve just released a new version of our Android application. This is a major release with several important new features:

Timeline Graph: this was one of your most requested feature. This graph allows you to easily identify trends and patterns in your child schedule.



– New Weekly and Monthly bar charts in addition to the daily charts are now available.

graphs-month graphs



– Old menus have been replaced by new Sliders for the child selection and for common menu options.

left-slider     right-slider



Dashboard Page: this is especially useful for child care professionals who can have an overview of all children in the classroom.

The dashboard will display the time since the last feeding, diaper change, potty, or sleep on the same page.

You can easily save new events from the same page, and quickly view which children are in the classroom and which children have been checked out. No need to switch to each child page anymore.




Child Care administrators can now easily view all classrooms and all children in each classroom. This is only accessible to Professional and Enterprise subscriptions.




Several others minor new features (for instance a new photo browser) and plenty of bug fixes were also included in the release. The new version is available now as a free update on the GooglePlay Store and will be available shortly on the Amazon AppStore.

New features in the latest Android application