Manage your milk stash with Baby Connect

When recording a pumping entry, you can now specify a stash location for the milk bottle. You can also adjust the quantity in the bottle to be stashed, in case it is different from the pumped quantity.

Save Bottle Stash Location

Via the ‘Milk Stash’ button on the home page, the application will show the total quantity, the number of bottles and the list of bottles in each stash. You can easily reorganize your stash here, move or remove bottles from a specific location. The application will also clearly indicate bottles that have expired and need to be thrown away.

During a bottle feeding, you can pick a bottle from the stash, this will automatically remove it from the stash when the feeding is saved.

The 3 defaults stashes are Fridge, Freezer and Deep Freezer, but you can easily customize this list and their expiration.

Manage your milk stash with Baby Connect