Important change to Baby Connect

Today, we’re excited to announce that we’re moving to a subscription model for our application: the app is now free to download, but saving entries in the app will require a subscription plan (at the end of the trial period):

  • Family Plan: up to 5 children at $4.99 / month
  • Professional Plan: up to 15 (active) children at $14.99 / month

Since we started Baby Connect back in 2009, we kept on working on the app, evolving it to respond to your demand. The app price is our only revenue stream, we do not sell private data or run ads.

The change to a standard subscription model will allow us to:

  • Invest on our cloud infrastructure to continue providing seamless data synchronization, push notifications, unlimited storage of photo, and maximum data privacy and security,
  • Continue providing same-day customer support,
  • Keep adding new features to the application, and support new iOS/Android systems and devices.
  • Keep providing an ad-free application.

A subscription plan is valid for the whole family, with no limit on the number of caregivers and family members: only one person in the family needs to subscribe to a plan, every family members will automatically benefit from it (as long as they’re linked to a child’s profile).

The application is still accessible in read-only mode without a subscription plan: the history, graphs, photos and data export are always available, but saving new entries is only available with a plan. Subscriptions can only be done via the iOS or via the Android mobile application.

Professionals with more than 15 children should switch to our Daily Connect application which is designed for home daycares and large childcare centers. Contact us at to make the switch.

If you already have a Baby Connect account (February 5, 2021)

There is no change to your account, you do not need to subscribe to the new plan. In fact, even if you have not purchased the Baby Connect mobile application, you can now download and use it for free. You can still save information on your existing children’s profile.

If you create a new child’s profile, then you need to subscribe to a family or professional plan to be able to save more than 100 entries for the new profile.

If you invite a new family member or caregiver, then the new invitee will need to subscribe to a family or professional plan to be able to save entries on your child’s profile. No subscription is needed for read-only access (the app is free to download and to use in read-only mode).

You will not be automatically enrolled in a subscription plan. You will not be charged if you do nothing. You will only be charged if you explicitly subscribe to a family/professional plan. If you subscribe, the plan is automatically renewed each month and can be canceled at any time without fee. If cancelled, you’ll still have read access to the application and to your data.

Contact us at if you have any questions.

Important change to Baby Connect