New features in the latest Android application

We’ve just released a new version of our Android application. This is a major release with several important new features:

Timeline Graph: this was one of your most requested feature. This graph allows you to easily identify trends and patterns in your child schedule.



– New Weekly and Monthly bar charts in addition to the daily charts are now available.

graphs-month graphs



– Old menus have been replaced by new Sliders for the child selection and for common menu options.

left-slider     right-slider



Dashboard Page: this is especially useful for child care professionals who can have an overview of all children in the classroom.

The dashboard will display the time since the last feeding, diaper change, potty, or sleep on the same page.

You can easily save new events from the same page, and quickly view which children are in the classroom and which children have been checked out. No need to switch to each child page anymore.




Child Care administrators can now easily view all classrooms and all children in each classroom. This is only accessible to Professional and Enterprise subscriptions.




Several others minor new features (for instance a new photo browser) and plenty of bug fixes were also included in the release. The new version is available now as a free update on the GooglePlay Store and will be available shortly on the Amazon AppStore.

New features in the latest Android application

Baby Connect on Windows Phones

We are pleased to announce the availability of Baby Connect on Windows Phone 8 and 8.1.

Baby Connect is the only baby tracking application available on all platforms: iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Web.

ScreenshotParents and caregivers can use the application on their phone and easily exchange information about theirs children with the application. For instance, mom can use the application on an iPhone and dad on his Android phone, nanny can use the Windows Phone app and grandparents can use the web application. Each event will be automatically synchronized on each device.

When changing phone, users are still able to download the application on their new device, whichever type it is. Logging in the application with an existing Baby Connect account will automatically synchronize the whole history to the new device.

Baby Connect on Windows Store

To celebrate the new release, Baby Connect is free on the Windows Phone Store for the next 3 weeks.

Baby Connect on Windows Phones

Our new application: Daily Connect

Daily Connect IconWe are pleased to announce the availability of our new application Daily Connect.

We’ve received several requests from child care centers who want to use Baby Connect not only for their baby rooms but for all children: babies, toddlers and preschoolers.

The application can already be used for older kids. It has support for potty training and solid food, and the ability to remove unused categories (like nursing or diapers) as the child grow. But the name of the App is a limiting factor for such deployments.

Download Daily Connect

Daily Connect is the same application as Baby Connect except for its name and icon. All Baby Connect features are available in Daily Connect. Both applications are sharing the same server and the same data store. Users can log to Daily Connect with their existing Baby Connect account, no need to create new accounts. An event saved with Daily Connect can be viewed on Baby Connect.

Try Daily Connect

  • If you are a child care center and are happy with Baby Connect, you don’t need to change.
  • If you are a child care center and want to start using Daily Connect in your toddler rooms, the parents don’t need to buy a new app: they will still see the updates with Baby Connect even if you are posting via Daily Connect.
Daily Connect is also available on the web at, on iPhone, iPad and Android, at the same price as Baby Connect. We will keep releasing all applications at the same time and we will continue to include the same features in both applications.

We welcome your questions and comments!

Our new application: Daily Connect

Baby Connect, new version 2.3

We have released a new version of our iPhone, iPad and Android application. Here are some of the main new features:

Doctor visits

Doctor visit screenshot

doctor visit iconYou can now enter your scheduled doctor visits, list the past and upcoming appointments, choose the doctor from your contact list and add the appointment to your phone calendar.

Before the visit, you can enter the questions you will want to ask in the notes section of the event, and write the answers during the visit.

Quick entry buttons let you easily enter weight, height, and head size measurements, as well as the vaccines given during the visit.

Diarydiary screenshot

diary iconThe diary category allows you to record memorable events. You can upload a picture and enter a long text describing the event.

You can easily browse through all the uploaded photos, or list all the diary entries in chronological order.


At the bottom of the kid settings page, you can now choose the colors for the background and for the buttons of the home page. This new feature is currently only available on the iPhone Application, it is not yet available on the Android and iPad applications.

Here are some examples of different skins you can now use:

skin screenshot    skin screenshot

You can choose a different skin for each child.

skin screenshot    skin screenshot

And More…

There is a long list of additional new features and bug fixes in this version. Check the description of the version before downloading the update.

The new version is available as a free update on the Apple AppStore, on the Android Market and on the Amazon AppStore.



Baby Connect, new version 2.3

New Versions available

We’ve released today a new version of Baby Connect for iPhone, iPad, Android and Web. This new version is packed with features and bug fixes. Check it out:

Home Page CustomizationScreenshot Customization

You can now choose which button should appear on the home page and remove unwanted icons. You can also choose the number of rows to use (1, 2 or 3). The less row, the more space is available for the summary and recent entries list.

Screenshot Customization

Additional buttons are placed in a separate page accessible via the ‘More…’ button.

Screenshot Customization

If you have several children, you can choose to use the same customization for all kids or a different one for each kid. For instance, you can remove the ‘Nursing’ category for an older kid and replace it with the new ‘Potty’ category, but keep Nursing and Diaper for the new baby.

This feature, new to our iOS apps, was already available on the Android App.

Time since the last eventScreenshot Time

The time since the last event is clearly shown on each button. It is now much easier to find out when was the event in each categories.

Potty Training

screenshot pottyscreenshot pottyYou can now track potty events, record duration and specify optional content description. It is very similar to our diaper category.


We’ve improve a lot our email capability. You can now choose any time period and not just the current month, and apply a filter to only include a specific category.

screenshot solid food quantity

Dry Diaper, Diaper Quantity, Solid Food Quantity

Those were also some of your most requested features.

And more…

This is only an extract of the new capabilities of the latest version. Check out the Application description for the full list. We’ve also fixed a lot of bug in this latest release.

A new version 1.1 of our Android Application was also released today with support for Dry Diapers, Diaper Quantity, Solid Food Quantity and Potty Training. It is the first version of the Android App also available in French.

Finally, the Web Application has also been updated with the new Potty category and several new options in the Diaper Category.


New Versions available

Baby Connect for Android is Now Available

We are very please to announce today the release of our new Application Baby Connect for Android.

Like our iPhone application, you can record nursing, bottle feeding, solid food, pumping, diaper changes, sleep sessions, milestones, activities, mood,upload photos or indicate your location. The Medical section includes temperature, sickness, vaccines, medicines, height, weight and head size growth. Easy to use timers are available for most categories to help measuring events.

Some capabilities are only available on the Android Application and will come soon to the iPhone App. For instance, the home page can be customized and you can remove categories that you’re not using, or change the order of each button on the page. The duration since the last event is also clearly displayed for each category on the home page.

Any event saved on one device will automatically synchronize on the device of others caregivers, whether it is an iPod Touch, an iPhone, an iPad, an Android device or a computer with a browser. For instance a Diaper change event saved on Mom’s iPhone will be synchronized on Dad’s Droid.


Of course, several Graphs are available, as well as growth charts with comparison to US or WHO percentiles. All the Data can also be emailed in html or .csv format for any date range. Push notifications can also be set to be immediately informed of any activity.


Baby Connect for Android is available on the Android Market with a special introduction price of $2.99. Get it now before price increases!

Baby Connect for Android is Now Available